CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 12/10/18-12/16/18

Monday: Benchmark Monday starts off with one of the most challenging of the girl workouts, Barbara. This will be the entire focus of our day and will involve a lot of scaling for most people Tuesday: After a tough workout on Monday, we will be slowing things down today with some weightlifting technique work to start. After that, we will finish with some hard rowing intervals Wednesday: Getting back to our strength cycle today with the front squat. We will get into a fun triplet with gymnastics work, weightlifting, and cardio in an interval format Thursday: Working through a challenging main site workout today with high skill gymnastics and weightlifting. We will spend the first portion of our day practicing these movements to give you an adequate scale if needed. Friday: Back to the strength cycle today working overhead. This will be our last day of 5s before dropping to 3s next week! Finishing the work week off with a fast couplet featuring heavy wall balls for a new challenge Saturday: Welcome to the weekend!! We are celebrating the holiday season today with a naughty and nice workout. If you would like to participate in the donations, please bring a toy that will be donated to the local women and children’s shelter.]]>