CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 1/30-2/5

click this link to register! Our workouts will continue to include past Open workouts and movements that typically challenge people during the Open so we can be the most prepared. We also have the NapTown Triple Crown going down this weekend. Sign up by Wednesday to compete! Monday: back to a classic strength movement to start off the day. Let’s see if we can set some PR’s today at this rep scheme! Your workout is an Open WOD from just last year that through many people for a loop and we are excited to check back and see where we are this year with these skills. Tuesday: you will have a lengthy warm up and movement prep piece to start your day before a series of mono structural, light weight, and bodyweight movements combined in a nasty interval workout. Be ready to sweat today! Wednesday: another strength piece to get your day started, this time with your pulling power. Your workout today is a triplet combining lifting movements and a gymnastics movement. The barbell is heavy and the gymnastics reps are high. Thursday:  your day will start off with some olympic lifting skill work. Your goal will be to work up in weight over the course of the sets, always emphasizing form first. The day will finish out with a quick date with a kettlebell. Friday: last day of strength for the week, working overhead this time. Today’s workout piece is all about isometric holds. You will have a series of challenging movements that you have to accumulate a set amount of time in before moving on. Tokyo 2020, here we come. Today is also day one of the Triple Crown starting up at Monon in the evening. Saturday: Day 2 of the Triple Crown! We will be having class up at Monon today for those who are not competing and want to get a workout in. It is a team twist on a community favorite hero wod. Have a fun and fit week!]]>