No More Two Free Classes

TL;DR: (stands for “too long, didn’t read” – I just learned this the other day) We will no longer be allowing two free classes for our SWIFT or Practice Indie Yoga program.   TLADV: (the long and detailed version – I just made this up) Once upon a time, we came up with this idea to start a new space that offered a 45 -minute fitness class. In that same fitness center, we wanted to host a full access yoga studio.   Born were SWIFT and Practice Indie.   Our goal at the time was to get as many bodies in that space as possible because it was a new venture.   How did we achieve this goal? We had current members try a few classes, then tell a friend, who then told a family member, who then told a co-worker, who then told his/her doctor, who then recommended us to clients… etc. etc. No, it may not have happened exactly that way, but you get the point. This word of mouth advertising has been the cornerstone for all NapTown brands. As the program matured, so did the athletes who committed. Since the inception of SWIFT and Practice Indie we still have many founding members who attend regularly. This speaks highly of the programming, coaching, and most importantly, YOU, the community. Speaking of YOU… We want to give our members the best 45 minutes each and every class.   In order to do that we need to focus our attention as coaches on your movement quality and offer cues to help fix certain faults. Undoubtedly you have seen the following scenario play out. There is a group of SWIFTers, let’s call it 14 members, ready to rock and roll for the 4:15pm class.   The coach is at the whiteboard doing introductions and talking about the day’s workout and flow. THEN a person walks in who looks lost and wants to take his/her first class. Panic Button! The coach sends the class on a run for a warm up and gets Betty (imaginary new potential client) to fill out a waiver and takes thirty seconds to explain how the entire SWIFT program works.   No problem. Disaster avoided… so we think. Oh wait, we are teaching kettlebell cleans and presses today so the coach looks at Betty… Coach: Betty, have you swung a kettlebell before? Betty: A kettle-what? The point of the story is the evolution of Myriad CrossFit, and more specifically our SWIFT and Practice Indie programs. As a business we have learned the value of creating systems and processes.   We want to set up prospective clients for success and ultimately want to continue to positively impact our current clients. With this current model, our staff get stuck in one of two scenarios. They end up focusing all of their attention on the beginner in class, leaving little time to help our current clients. Alternatively, that prospective client may not get the attention he or she needs if that coach remains connected with the rest of the class. This first impression is a make it or break it point for our business.   You can see the dilemma. boxes For this reason, we are instituting a new policy in which we are asking all new, potential clients to join us for one of our FREE Introductory Sessions whether it be… Intro to SWIFT @ 6:15pm every Tuesday evening Intro to Yoga – ‘Yoga for Newbies’ @ 5:05pm every Thursday evening **There may be times when prospective clients may not be able to make those classes, and that is fine.   We just ask that you have friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone you know who is interested to shoot us an email to to request a free class. This will allow us to point that person in the right direction as we can look ahead at the programming and guide them to a day that makes the most sense.** This may seem like a contradiction to the idea that anyone can step into a SWIFT class on day one and be good to go. Our community has grown over the years in size and skill, making it more and more challenging to give both new clients and old clients a great experience in the same class. This change is intended to give both parties a better experience. Once a prospective client has one class under his or her belt in a more intimate setting, he or she can hop right into classes with the whole crew! You may ask yourself… “Well this seems all fine and dandy, but I don’t see how this works for yoga.” Great question! I was waiting for you to ask. 10888800_295682057308849_9124156796851783619_n One of our underlining values for Myriad CrossFit is community. We want to connect with every person who comes through that door. We want to know the who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes even how of your life… because that’s the type of people we hire at NapTown. We care about YOU. So when you bring a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a complete stranger into a random class with you for the first time and the teacher doesn’t know who you are, that connection is never made. We lose out on the most important feature of our business… the community… the people…YOU. If you have more questions on this system or would like to know more details, please don’t hesitate to email me directly at   In summary: -Please direct your friends to our Intro Classes moving forward. -Please ask your friends (prospective clients) to email us ahead of time at to request a free class if they are unable to attend a FREE Intro Session.   THANK YOU ALL!! Jared Byczko: co-owner Myriad CrossFit, original man bun, husband of Caitlin]]>