CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/6-2/12

click this link to register! Our workouts will continue to include past Open workouts and movements that typically challenge people during the Open so we can be the most prepared. We are still looking for captains to lead the intramural teams, please email if you would like to be considered as a captain for a squad! Monday: the open is coming and that means gymnastics skills will be tested. We are starting the day off with a pull up complex with varying levels to give everyone a challenge for their current skill level. After that, we will get sweaty with a  3 round triplet, light weight and high rep to keep you moving fast. Tuesday: your strength work to start the day is all about getting the back side of the body to fire. There will be a bit of a learning curve as you get started, but we hope you feel some new muscles working at the end of the day! We are incredible psychics here at NapTown and have a spicy little open like workout for you today involving the piece of equipment that Dave Castro introduced to the community last week. Wednesday: pressing strength work will get you moving today before taking on a bit of a classic at CFNT. Bring your jump rope and a positive attitude. Thursday:  we will be playing with a few different skill movements in today’s class that we do not have the opportunity to play with often. This will be another day with lots of different skill levels built in. Your day will end with sweaty met con including a run buy in and buy out. Friday: finishing the week off with our pulling strength with a small twist. We will cap off the week with an open workout repeat from 2015. Saturday: we will be starting the day off as social butterflies taking on a little partner bike piece. The goal will be to find a pace and stay above it as long as possible, switching when you dip below that set level. We will then part ways with our partners and work through a gymnasty workout with lots of core work sandwiched around a high skill movement. Have a fun and fit week!]]>