CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/12/18 to 3/18/18

Monday: starting the week out with unilateral work to make sure we stay healthy and balanced from left to right. Finishing the day off with a couplet combining weightlifting and gymnastics work. Tuesday: strength work to get us going on today, working on pressing movements. Closing the day out with interval repeats, getting some jumping, squatting, and pressing involved. Wednesday: beginning our day with the agility ladder to warm up. Work on quick feet and changing direction to get time in on one of the ten general physical skills. Getting some time in on the bike to finish the day out with a splash of gymnastics thrown in! Thursday: we will be giving you the opportunity to work on two different movements in an alternating emom to start the day. You can choose a movement you love, a movement you need to work on, or simply get some mobility time in. We will finish the day off with a combination of cardio and weightlifting for an intense workout or an easy shake out day before 18.4 Friday: Dave Castro will be sharing his creation with us on Thursday at 8pm Saturday: working through 5 different movements in a max rep format for each one, ranging from heavy weights to just you!]]>