CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/5/18 to 3/11/18

Monday: we will be taking on a recent main site workout today in class incorporating two of the hardest movements in our sport, one weightlifting movement and one gymnastics movement. Join us today to practice these skills and get your week started off on the right foot. Tuesday: bringing some strength work back in today with heavy percentages on back squats paired with a box jump to remain explosive after heavy lifting. Finishing the day out with a slightly modified version of Annie, bring your jump rope! Wednesday: sticking with the Open theme of all the dumbbells with both our skill work and workout for the day. You will be working on pulling strength and shoulder stability with your skill piece today before taking on a dumbbell variation of the hero WOD, DT. Thursday: hoping for warm weather today to get outside for a piece of your workout. You will be playing with all of the cardio pieces today as a nice shake out before the next open workout on Friday. If you are not participating in the Open, you can take this workout as fast as possible to up the intensity. Friday: Dave Castro will be sharing his creation with us on Thursday at 8pm Saturday: finishing the week out with some solo fun as long as it works out well with the Open workout!]]>