CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 2/26/18 to 3/4/18

Monday: starting the week out with focused mobility and core activation before getting into a strength piece. The focus for the strength piece today will be more on speed than heavy weight. We will finish the day out with a quick couplet with more squatting and core work! Tuesday: beginning the day with a lot of isometric hold work and some skill practice. All of the skill work at the start of the day will lead you into the movements for the workout today. Finishing out the day with a fast triplet with the jump rope, weightlifting, and gymnastics movements. Wednesday: taking on a benchmark lady that we have not tried in a very long time in full at NapTown. This workout is all about barbell cycling efficiency and choosing a weight wisely. Have some fun setting a baseline score on this one! We will finish the day out with some skill review that will hopefully help you on later weeks of the Open. Thursday: Starting out our day with mobility for the chest, thoracic spine, and hips.  We will then move into a tabata workout that you can push hard on or cruise through casually to get a little sweat and blood flowing before  taking on 18.2 on Friday! Friday: Dave Castro will be sharing his creation with us on Thursday at 8pm Saturday: closing the week out with a partner workout, grab your sweat mate for a good start to the weekend! Fingers crossed that the weather stays on the warm (and dry) side this weekend for this one.]]>