CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 6/17/19-6/23/19

Monday: starting our week off with a hero workout. You will be testing a tough 10 round couplet with the barbell and a challenging push up variation. We will finish out the day with a bit of running to shake out the legs and prep for a long running workout next week. Tuesday: getting into isometric work to start out the day before closing out the hour with a classic CrossFit triplet. We will have a bit of lifting, gymnastics, and jump roping in this workout. Wednesday: beginning hump day with Olympic lifting technique work in an emom format. Closing the day out with hard interval sprints on the rower for a cardio finisher Thursday: We will begin the day with a bit of skill work on the rings paired with some grunt work on the bike. You will finish class put with more interval work with shorter work and rest intervals full of explosive movements. Friday: we will close out the week with a bit of prep for a benchmark test next week. You will start class off with squat volume and speed work from the floor and finish out with a couplet of running and lifting. Saturday: Getting the weekend going with a long partner workout in the form of a 100 rep chipper. You’ll have four movements, 100 reps each, to work through with your partner for your weekend fitness fun. Have a fun and fit week!]]>