CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 6/24/19-6/30/19

Monday: taking a break this week from benchmark Mondays. In its place, you will work through some accessory work for the posterior chain and triceps before hitting the workout for the day. You will work through 3 intervals with a row, jump rope, and kettlebell movement with a goal of maintaining your pace through all 3 rounds. Tuesday: we are spending the first part of our day working on the split jerk with drills and technique work before diving into some practice. We will close the day out with a quick couplet designed to be fast and furious after a lot of technical work to start the day. Wednesday: we will be making up for benchmark Monday in a big way today with one of my favorite benchmarks. It is chock full of running and squatting. Our workout on Friday last week was preparation for today so we hope you feel ready to go for this test! The volume is high in this one so don’t be afraid to scale this one back. Thursday: we will start today off with accessory work for the upper body to prepare you for the rest of the day’s events. You will be working through strength work with the bands today, this time with the upper body rather than squats. You will finish the day off with a test for your gymnastics skills with strict strength and some time upside down. Friday: closing out the work week with a dumbbell piece for unilateral work You will finish the day out with a down and back chipper full of barbells movements, cardio work, and gymnastics. Saturday: spending the first part of our weekend of fitness with a skill AMRAP with the focus on quality of movement over lots of reps. This AMRAP will be full of core work and isometric holds. We will close out the day with a partner workout full of odd object and grunt work. Have a fun and fit week!]]>