CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/14/19-7/20/19

Monday: starting our week off right with a benchmark interval test. You will have five movements to cycle through, 1:00 of max reps at each one followed by a rest before repeating the cycle two more times. We will close the day out with some gymnastics conditioning and volume building. Tuesday: we will start the day out with the agility ladder to warm up and get moving. You will finish the day off with a longer running piece to keep that engine built up! Wednesday: starting the day out with skill and mobility work that will lead into your workout for the day. We have a heavy barbell and high skill gymnastics couplet to work through today. This workout will be all about working at your skill level. Thursday: starting the day back on the barbell with dynamic work to build up those stabilizers! We will move into a quick couplet to close out the day with another gymnastics and weightlifting pair, this time with lighter weights and lower skill level. Friday: working into a long two-round chipper today with a bit of cardio, a med ball, jump rope, and a gymnastics buy out. This workout can be done solo or in a pair if you want to lower the volume. We will end the day with a bit of banded work to help the body recover going into the weekend. Saturday: today is a get in and get moving type of workout. You will work through multiple rounds of intervals with equal work and rest pieces. The goal will be to keep yourself moving during the work intervals, knowing you will have a solid rest coming! We will play with some strong man work and movements we do not use all that often in class. Have a fun and fit week!]]>