CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 7/22/19-7/28/19

Monday: starting the week off with a strength benchmark test in the form of high rep squats. You will close out the day with some sprint intervals to get your heart rate up after testing your strength. Tuesday: getting the day going with unilateral work to balance you out and find out more about your mobility deficits. After shorter intervals on Monday, we will spend today with a long AMRAP with the goal of moving consistently throughout. Wednesday: you will be getting back to strength work today, this time in the form of Olympic lifting. Come in today to get solid practice on the barbell! You will finish out the day with a partner workout incorporating KBs in a leg blasting couplet. Thursday: after a pretty leg heavy start to the week, we will get into some gymnastics work on the pull up rig to begin our Thursday. We will use that practice to carry over into a triplet with gymnastics, a barbell, and some cardio. Friday: more overhead work today for mobility and stability that will get us going. We will move on in the day to two fast moving couplets incorporating mostly bodyweight movements with a light barbell  and a jump rope thrown in. Saturday: back to a long workout on Saturday, this time a triplet with a run, moderately heavy barbell, and weighted gymnastics. Have a fun and fit week!]]>