CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/6/19-5/12/19

Monday: starting off benchmark Monday with a quick and dirty hero workout before taking on half of another single modality benchmark lady. We will close the day out with some upper body accessory work. Tuesday: getting raw strength work in to start the day off with low reps and heavy weights. We will end the day with sprint intervals on the cardio equipment. Wednesday: after a few days of heavy lifting and cardio, we will use today to get into more gymnastics and bodyweight movements for your accessory work. Our workout will be more of the same with spicy intervals. Thursday: back to the barbell today for Olympic Lifting practice. You will have the opportunity to go heavy today, perhaps even trying for a PR, or keep things light and work on technique. Your workout will be a triplet with a little gymnastics and two weightlifting movements. Friday: closing the week out with more lifting, this time adding the element of the bands to test your stabilizer strength capacity. We will end the work week with a nasty leg burner in the form of intervals with longer work periods and shorter rests. Saturday: spending our weekend with a long 3 round workout that will help prep you for Murph in just a few short weeks Have a fun and fit week!]]>