CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 4/29/19-5/5/19

Monday: getting the week started with one of the most popular benchmark workouts in all of CrossFit. Be ready to scale to make sure you feel the full instantly of this burner. Tuesday: getting in Olympic lifting technique as our starter today with a focus on good positions. Your workout will continue to feature the barbell with a moderately heavy couplet. Wednesday: Memorial Day is approaching and that means Murph is on the horizon. We are getting in a long chipper today full of body weight movements so you are prepared for the volume that Murph throws your way. Thursday: getting the day started with skill work that will be focused on quality of movement over speed. Your workout will give you the opportunity to move fast with a triplet of kettlebell movements. Friday: More skill work to close out the week, this time in the form of an EMOM and playing with new movements and a movement we do very rarely (pack long socks). Your workout will be a spicy light barbell test with some cardio thrown in to slow you down and test your toughness Saturday: we are hosting our first ever USAW sanctioned weightlifting meet at 922 today and will have hybrid classes over at 916 to accommodate the change to the schedule. Your workout will be a long cardio test full of different variations on a classic CrossFit movement. Have a fun and fit week!]]>