CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 4/8/19-4/14/19

Monday: starting our day out with a long warm up piece before getting into a specific warm up focusing on prepping the posterior chain for today’s workout. We are revisiting an old school regional test with a heavy barbell and explosive bodyweight movement. Tuesday: getting our day started with core work for the front and back sides of the body. Your workout will be a 15:00 AMRAP with gymnastics movements. The goal of today is to start building volume and capacity to get you ready for Murph at the end of May. Wednesday: starting our day with Olympic lifting work focused on the snatch. Today’s focus is mostly on moving well but you will be able to add weight as your technique allows. Your workout will be a nasty couplet that will turn your legs to jelly. Thursday: back to gymnastics skill work to start the day off. This piece is all about building time in strong, isometric positions that will pay off in more dynamic movements. Your workout will include single arm work for stability and mix in body weight gymnastics to get the heart rate up. Friday: more weightlifting to close out the week with low reps and heavy weights to get you feeling strong! Your workout will be a quick cardio burner with your jump rope and the rower, get ready to sprint hard on this one. Saturday: getting into the with a long, solo AMRAP full of strict gymnastics work and running Have a fun and fit week!]]>