CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 4/1/19-4/7/19

Monday: getting back to benchmark Monday this week! We will start classes off with accessory work intended to prepared you for the day’s workout. Your benchmark this week is one of the original girl workouts, a couplet full of tough gymnastics and weightlifting. Tuesday: starting the day off with barbell strength work focusing on technique in shoulder to overhead movements. Our workout today will consist of cardio intervals with the goal of getting outside if mother nature allows! Wednesday: more strength work to start off the day, this time focusing on speed in our pull. Your workout today will be a smorgasbord of movements in the most classic rep scheme in all of CrossFit. Thursday: getting on the barbell today in an EMOM as a warm up and precursor to your workout. Your workout will be with a heavy bar and a fun gymnastics movement that we do not get to play with often. Friday: using the first portion of the day to get upside down and work on our skills. This time will be fairly free flowing to allow you to work at the level you are at. Our workout will be a quick triplet with bodyweight and weightlifting movements. Saturday: getting the weekend going with a long partner AMRAP with high reps of fun movements. Have a fun and fit week!]]>