CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/25/19-3/31/19

Monday: starting the week out with strength work on a squat variation before getting into your workout for the day. You will be working on single side movements in a nasty, leg-burning AMRAP. Tuesday: the first portion of your day will be accessory work for the lower body and upper body with a mini bro session. You will finish the day off with a fun couplet featuring a body weight movement and a light barbell. Wednesday: getting into a LONG, two-round chipper today full of core movements, cardio movements, and the kettlebell. Thursday: the first portion of today will be skill and mobility work to take care of your body and posterior chain engagement. Your workout is a variation on a recent main site WOD featuring a bit of running outside and gymnastics! Friday: finishing the week out with a challenging EMOM at the start of the day with gymnastics work on the rings and some capacity work on the wall ball. We will finish the day out with a classic cardio test on the rower. Saturday: getting the weekend going with a hybrid class at 916 or Monon with a challenging interval workout that will get you outside and working those legs! Have a fun and fit week!]]>