CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/8-5/14

Monday: starting the week off with some core work to help build in to the rest of the day. We have a chipper coming your way mixing high skill and lower skill body weight movements. We are offering two different variations of this workout based on skill level. Tuesday: getting into our strength to start the day, alternating a squat with a press. Your workout today will be a test of pacing. You will have two attempts at a cardio piece with the goal being to keep each effort fast and consistent. Wednesday: we are going to be spending a lot of time at the start of class breaking down a gymnastics skill and finding a great scaling option for every athlete. If you are more comfortable with this skill, you will be challenging yourself with variations that we seldom get to try. You will then take what you learned and apply it in the workout, mixing that gymnastics skill with a barbell movement for a fun little couplet. Thursday: beginning the day with some farm strength. I am challenging you guys to push yourself on the weight you use on this as well as how long you can hold on to said weight, don’t let this piece be easy. You have a lengthy triplet for your workout, mixing a cardio piece with some gymnastics and weightlifting. Friday: we are taking the first part of class today to find a one rep max in a movement. Once you have established that max, we will be stripping weight off and doing a max set with a super light percentage. This is truly a test of mental toughness more than anything else! Saturday: with Memorial day fast approaching, we are taking today as an opportunity to prep for a favorite workout in the CrossFit community that day. You will be taking this on as a partner and working through the movements in a different format from the usual. Have a fun and fit week!]]>