CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/1-5/7

Monday: benchmark day! Another old school benchmark to start our week off, this time with some gymnastics and a lightweight barbell. We will be giving you 3 scaling options today for the most challenging movement in the workout and letting you choose one or mix and match throughout the workout. Tuesday: we will be testing out a one rep max today in a higher level weightlifting movement. We have a little skill work on the barbell to start the day off to set you up for success on that max out. If you are newer to this movement, today will be a nice day to get some practice in. Wednesday: a truly nasty couplet will be the main focus of the day. We will be making a movement that many people already have a disdain for and making it a touch harder, no cherry picking! Show up and take on the challenge. Thursday: starting the day off with some skill practice on your jump ropes today. This will help to get us warmed up and ready to go on the cardio interval workout you will be taking on. We have done this workout in the past but adding a rest piece in after each round to keep the intensity high for each effort. Friday: working on a strength piece to begin today, in the same alternating fashion we have been playing with over the last few weeks with a new movement combination. We will close the day out with a fairly gymnasty triplet that can be upscaled and made even more gymnasty for anyone who wants to try a fun challenge. Saturday: working on your own today on a longer alternating piece that is meant to really challenge your mental fortitude. One minute will be a fixed amount of work while the opposite minute will be a max effort piece. Let’s see how strong you can remain on those max rep portions! Have a fun and fit week!]]>