CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 6/19-6/25

Click this link to register as a volunteer for whatever time you have available on Saturday the 24th. You can also donate to the Myriad CrossFit team, all donations will go to Wheeler Mission and Outreach Indiana. If you help the team get into the top 3 in fundraising, then Jared and Peter have agreed to drag a sled from Delaware to Monon! Monday: we will be starting the week off with a rotating EMOM, mixing capacity work, skill work, and some explosiveness. You will finish your day off with a quick workout that will likely leave your legs feeling a bit like jelly when you walk out of the gym. Tuesday: your workout today will be a testing kind of day. You have three different movements that you will be testing in a sprint like fashion with two opportunities at each. There will be built in rest to help you keep the intensity high as we go through the challenges. Wednesday: time for some strength work this week! We will be dropping the reps back down in our alternating strength work with the goal being to work at a heavier weight than the last time we ran through these movements. Hopefully you have been tracking your scores on train heroic so you have an idea of where you were last time! We will finish the day off with an AMRAP involving some odd objects. Thursday: getting in our muscle up practice this week focused on building a strong, stable foundation on the rings and developing a big pull. You will finish your day out with a gymnasty workout. Friday: beginning our day with more core development and some flute activation to get you prepped for the rest of the day. In similar fashion to a few weeks ago, we will be focusing on one lift on the minute with the goal being to work towards a one rep max. Build slowly to refine your technique and see where the day takes you! Saturday: we are finishing our week out with a variation on Annie that teams will be taking on at Strength in Our Streets. Pack your jump ropes and drag a friend to the gym today for this fun workout! Have a fun and fit week!]]>