CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 9/16/19-9/22/19

Monday: kicking the week off with a fun benchmark girl workout that we have not tested in a while. It pairs running with a difficult barbell movement to test your strength, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance all in one. Tuesday: getting the day going with heavy squat work before a grueling couplet. You will have flexibility in how you attack today’s workout, working towards 100 reps of two different movements in any fashion you like. Wednesday: getting into skill work focusing on mobility and stability to get the day going. You will follow that work up with three different TABATA sequences with three movements that you should be able to keep moving on for the entirety of the :20 intervals. Thursday: you will start the day working with bands for activation and prep before a longer workout featuring a rower, a light barbell, and strict gymnastics work. Success in this workout will be all about scaling for your fitness level. Friday: back to the barbell today, this time working towards a one rep max in the clean. If you are not super comfortable with the clean at this point, then today is a perfect day to come in to get a ton of practice and feel more confident when you leave class. Your workout for the day features a pair of bells and a couple of gymnastics movements as a little prep for the Open coming in just a few short weeks Saturday: your requests are being answered this week in the form of 15 minutes of skill playtime with the ropes, GHDs, and getting upside down. Even if you have never tried these movements before, it is a great day to come in and find a scale that works for you to help you progress towards the next step and eventually achieve these fun tricks! You will close the day out with a pair of shorter couplets with rest time in between to help keep the intensity high during the work intervals Have a fun and fit week!]]>