The NapTown Red Shirts

The coaching staff at NapTown is committed to offering the most we can to members. We do what we do because it is a calling and a privilege, and because we love to coach. We want our members to succeed and we have dedicated a significant portion of our time and our lives to help them do so. Our red staff shirts are a symbol of this commitment and a way to identify us to gym members and athletes who are dropping in from out of town. When those staff shirts are on, we are prepared to fulfill our commitment as coaches and leaders in the community. When we can, we love nothing more than to hop in a class with our athletes. It gives us a chance to be athletes ourselves and is a nice break from the responsibility of running the class. As coaches, it is often difficult for us to train within normal class times, and as such, we are often granted permission to train outside of normal class hours. Many days, this is the only way we can get a workout in  as we can’t coach and participate in the class at the same time. During these irregular hours, we often have little time to train and need to be efficient with the time we have. As much as we love interacting with members and cherish it as a part of our duties as a coach, our training is still important to us and when it’s time to train it’s time to train. We often have to train right before class or in between classes to maintain our fitness and continue striving to be leaders in this community.    We want to ask members of the community to please respect this time as personal time for our staff. While we certainly don’t want to ignore members during this time, please understand that this may be the only time for us to train. With that in mind, please consider the following:

  1. While we are wearing our red shirts, we are available as coaches and are focused on giving you the best hour of your day in class. Our full attention is going to be focused on coaching our class and helping members.
  2. Please consider the operating hours of the gym. If you see us training outside of normal hours, it is because we are unable to train during normal hours. We have been given permission to do so as coaches and this is not an open invitation for members to show up an hour before the gym opens to train.
  3. Permission to train outside of normal hours needs to be obtained by a coach.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and helps us to provide the best service that we can to the members of the gym. At the end of the day, when we are not wearing our staff shirts, we are members of the community finding our own time to get in our workout, blow off steam, and stay fit. ~ Coach Logan Webb]]>