12.1 is in the books, any guesses for 12.2?

WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS – inside the Numbers

39 Total CFNT Members are Officially in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Open Mike Lewis – 126th out of 810 in the World for the Masters Division. Jeanne Reiger – 362nd out of 508 in the World for the Masters Division. Anna Rode – 39th in the Central East Region Jason Vanoskey – 26th in the Central East Region Christy Snyder– After completing the workout Saturday morning (95 Burpees) she felt she could do better. So she came back with a vengeance to complete the workout Sunday with an amazing 101 Reps! CrossFit NapTown Team – 12th Place out of 114 teams in the Central East Simply Put– Amazing-ness!!!

Today’s Workout

Strict Press (out of a rack) 1-1-1-1-1

10 min AMRAP 15 kb swings 1.5/1 10 push press 95/75 5 strict pull ups (no kipping)

Post- 50 banded belt air squats


19 thoughts on “12.1 is in the books, any guesses for 12.2?”

  1. yeah that picture didnt happen 🙁 I lost gas at 96 but will push towards the next wod and see how much of the gap i can close up.
    Good work everyone~ be proud of all your hard work and dedication

  2. strict press – worked up to 145, then ran out of time before a rep to failure.
    RX’d, 5 rounds + 15 KBs

  3. Great job to Christy for making her second attempt a successful one! I had the same intentions but woke up Sunday, did a few burpees and knew a second attempt wasn’t going to change things. I am however planning to do this one again in 30 days or so.
    Press 95-125-125-125-130
    Note to self: Read whiteboard before workout!! Did my first few rounds with a strict press.
    4 rounds + 5kbs

  4. press, worked up to 170, tied an old PR, tried 175 too many times, should have went to 172.
    6rounds and 10pp. Felt good moved steady, but could have picked it up.
    Post-ran to the canal and learned about how nasty hill runs can be.

  5. Press – worked up to 85# – felt good
    WOD – 4 rounds + 4 pull ups (blue band)
    Nothing like a little Hendrix during a Monday night workout.

  6. Missin my CFNT peeps!! Went to Ohio this weekend for the ole Bridal Shower… Had a great time w Erica!
    See you guys mañana!!! Back to the grind!

  7. Press – Up to 165#
    WOD – 6 Rounds + 5 KBS
    This one was hard and definitely losing my grip on the KBS. Need to get back to work on my grip strength