New Class times Starting March 5th!!!

EVERYONE we will be changing our evening class schedule starting next Monday. We plan on giving this a month trial to figure out what works best. We have a lot of data on the current class times and want to see how this matches up. After our survey we decided a lot of people would like to see this type of format. Starting MONDAY MARCH 5th we will be going to these class hours:   Monday-Wednesday 6am, 9am, Noon, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm Thursday 6am, 9am, Noon, 4pm, 5pm, (6pm: will be a Weekly Fundamentals class) It will incorporate 2-3 different movements each week rotating movements each week. This is a free class to all members, there will not be a WOD involved during this class. Friday 6am, 9am, Noon, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm Note: we will not be having a 7pm class on Thursdays and Fridays as of now. Saturday and Sunday will remain the same.  

Today’s Workout

Skill- 2-3 rounds (time pending) A1- 2-3 rope climbs A2-5 skin the cats A3- 8 pistols (4 ea leg) WOD- Nancy (21 minute cap) 5 rounds 400m RUN (bring a long sleeve) 15 OHS (95/65) Post-Mobility]]>

22 thoughts on “New Class times Starting March 5th!!!”

  1. I only made it through 4 rounds in the time limit.
    But I did 63# for my OHS.
    Which to me is a huge win.
    I am starting to take challenges with weights now and feeling stronger every day. Thanks for cheering me on 6AM, if I didn’t have this thing called work I would have finished my last set.

  2. It took me almost half the class to get over the fact that we weren’t doing Karen today, as promised. Apparently Coach Jared decided to change Peter’s mind. That’s ok, OHS and Skin the Cats are right there at the top of my favorite things to do! One notch below running.
    I finished at the 21 min time cap with only 3 OHS remaining. 35# due to lame arm/shoulder.

  3. Kevin Stretch Allen

    I’m looking forward to “Nancy” tonight! Looks like it’ll be a great evening for a run!

  4. 16:03 with 45lbs OHS. did this one at the Y….i was just happy to finish the OHS..i did them 15 in a row w/o rest so i am thinking i could have gone up in weight. oh well, next time!

  5. I think this is the first time I didn’t finish a WOD in the allotted time!!! I was like 5 reps short but Peter, Jared, Martin, Eric and Erica pushed me to finish… Thanks guys and (gal)!!
    65# on the OHS and it was still that tough for me!

  6. 16:45 (15# bar and modified to 10 OHS after the first round).
    OHS are DEFINITELY going on my suck list!!

  7. Always enjoy the multi skill days with rope climbs!
    WOD_ 14:40 with 33#
    Shoulders have been really hurting the last few days so I didn’t up my weight on my always struggle OHS. Feel like I am improving though.

  8. 3rd Crossfit class. Definitely feeling it today.
    Martin worked with me on technique tonight.
    25 Air Squats – 400 M – 25 Back Squats – 400 M and so on.
    Thanks for the great sense of community and attention to technique.

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