2 weeks left of the strength Cycle

10 thoughts on “2 weeks left of the strength Cycle”

  1. Time 12:20, did this on my own and originally had it programmed for 5rds so I was pacing a little. After 4rds, I found out that it was plenty. Definitely could cut out about a minute, but it would be difficult to cut out more.
    Hand stand holds against the wall:

  2. 260lbs on the sqauts
    WOD: DNF (went over the cap, so took me 20 minutes)
    I felt exhausted before I started. Shoulders weren’t feeling so hot…haha, actually dropped the 2pd during my last set of KB swings. It was not a good day.

  3. 3 sets of 250 & 260 on last set of squat
    Finished WOD around 12:40 but could have called no rep on most of my pull ups and ring rows. Pull ups were miserable, even with bands.
    Couple handstands for around 20 seconds each.

  4. 185 4×4
    13:27 Rx the ring rows killed my biceps and the 2pd was fun.
    Hand stand holds: 15sec no wall

  5. 155 4×4
    Pull-ups coming back and ring rows harder than expected. KB swings lacked some form due to weight used and had a hard time finding a comfortable way to hug the KB.
    Handstand holds 58 & 37ish