Back to normal schedule, but please mind the dust still.


Today’s Workout

Test: Max Broad Jump (3 attempts) Max Vertical Jump (3 attempts) WOD: This workout was made by CF Chicago as my going away present last summer. I’ll have to look up my time tomorrow. 5 rds 10 power cleans (135/95) 10 box jumps 24/20 10 burpees]]>

9 thoughts on “Back to normal schedule, but please mind the dust still.”

  1. what a fun workout!
    12:48 rx’ed (i’m still excited when i rx with actual weight)
    20″ vertical & 82.75″ broad
    on a semi-related note, I LOVE PALEO! never thought i’d say that.

  2. Broad Jump_72″
    *I used the RX weight of 95# but I my reps in each round were modified to 6,6,7,8,8 since it was a bit heavy for me.
    Rachel- I can feel the excitement in your post and am so happy for you with the RX WOD and the love of Paleo – you are amazing!

    1. i adore you and your positive attitude & kind words, merritt. can we please hang out soon?!

  3. Broad: 60″
    Vertical: 11″
    WOD: Ran out of time but finished 4 rounds + 4 power cleans with 65# (!!!) and a 20″ box. Would have liked to get closer to finishing but pretty pumped to have moved up in weight.

  4. Holy WOD, Batman!
    My face hasn’t been this purple since the medicine ball hell run…
    Broad = 64″
    Vertical = 22-7.5 = 14.5″
    WOD = 15:01

  5. Vertical Jump: 26.5″
    Broad Jump: 107″
    Bar: 95 lbs
    Box 24″
    …Next time I’ll gain a few seconds by not throwing the box out from under myself.
    What. A. Workout.

  6. Vertical jump: 17″
    Broad jump: 70″ (for the record I was just pumped to make it to the measuring stick!)
    WOD: 12:28
    *used 65lbs for cleans and 16″ for box jumps. Box jumps are my Achilles heel and I just have always had it in my head 20″ box jumps are going to make me fall (again) but 16″ was way too short today so I’m optimistic that I *may* be ready to conquer my fear!