Black History Month & Yoga

Black Health and Wellness, the 2022 Black History Month theme, is an opportunity to highlight the role that yoga can and has played throughout history as a practice of self-care. Black Women’s Historical Wellness: History as a Tool in Culturally Competent Mental Health Services; written by Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans, Professor and Director of the Institute for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University, shares the story of how Rosa Parks practiced and shared yoga with various communities throughout her lifetime. 

Please take a moment to learn more about some of Myriad Yoga’s favorite modern-day black authors and yogis and the awesome work these individuals are doing. Order a copy of their books and/or follow them via social media!

Jessamyn Stanley – Yoga teacher, body advocate and author of “Yoke” and “Yoga for Every body” *follow on Instagram here

Michelle Cassandra Johnson– Yoga Teacher, Race Equity & Anti-racism trainer and author of “Skill in Action” (a great pairing to read alongside the Bhagavad Gita) *follow on Instagram here

Rolf Gates Yoga – Yoga Teacher and author of ”Meditations from the Mat” *follow on Instagram here

Davidia Turner – Yoga Teacher and Tarot Reader

Octavia Raheem – Yoga Teacher and author of “Pause. Rest. Be.” recently featured on Elena Brower’s Podcast Episode 112 * follow on Instagram here

Davina Davidison yoga teacher, wellness advocate and lululemon ambassador *follow on Instagram here

blackkidsdoyoga – a black mother shares her family’s experiences doing yoga together on social media