Yoga Pose + Focus : 2/14-2/20

“Give me your honest opinion. I don’t want truth with a veil on—I like naked ladies naked.” – Christina Stead, Miss Herbert

Theme: Candor
If you feel the need to speak up and share your truth, do it! We don’t need to be a jerk but we can speak with clarity to others in relation to what we value. This continues the process of authenticity. Is someone asking you to act in a way that doesn’t align with the Self? Can we find the courage to say “No, I don’t feel this action is in accordance with my values.” ? We speak clearly, we speak honestly, we speak from a place of truth and compassion. 

All Classes: Garudasana Variations
Garudasana asks your body to become tightly bound and wrapped around itself all while balancing on one foot –  that is a huge ask for our bodies! This week we have the option to separate the various elements of the pose . Why?  By removing the pressure to get the “full pose,” we can be honest with ourselves about our limitations and capabilities. Perhaps we take time to focus and hone in on one element – the balance, the arm wrap, the leg wrap – layering these pieces in  with other poses.  This also may provide new insight and new places to play with your practice. Perhaps you discover new sensations within your body  – for example, when you take garudasana arms in a humble warrior. It’s your practice – make it work for you!atever you have. Want to focus on balance – move slowly, intentionally, and set your Drishti (gaze) in place first.