Coach Highlight: Meet Kristina

Meet Kristina! Kristina has been coaching CrossFit now for a year + a half. Kristina loves to coach as she has the opportunity to help people see their potential + be part of a connected community! Kristina recognizes that CrossFit can be a tool to give people the confidence to be the best version of themselves:

“I’ve found some truly amazing people that always know how to brighten my day. If I walk into the gym, there’s always someone welcoming + I love being that coach for our athletes. I want people to feel seen + accepted, + I hope my classes come off that way.”

Kristina’s favorite movement is the squat, as she notes, squats can be an excellent metaphor for life, it’s all about getting up after weight brings you down. During the colder months, you can find Kristina reading a good book + snuggled up under the blankets. However in the warmer months, she + her boyfriend are often busy going to country-music concerts or taking trips to visit friends. You may not know this about Kristina, but when she is not coaching at Myriad she is a proud CVICU/ECMO nurse at Riley:

“Helping people is what lead me to nursing + CrossFit. It may be challenging physically + mentally sometimes, but right now I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

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