Meet Myriad’s own Marvelous Meg (alliteration!!)! Meg has been a coach now for about six years. Her favorite thing about coaching is when she gets to witness athletes having that “lightbulb” moment! That sweet spot when the movements all come together for them! Meg says, “It’s the best feeling for the coach and athlete.” Within her own routine, Meg’s favorite movement to perform is the snatch. For fun, you can catch her playing a game of pickleball, spending time with her family, friends and puppies, and trying out new food. Something you may not know about Meg: in 5th grade, Meg won the Spelling Bee, which apparently is a high she has been chasing ever since (her words). Next time you see Meg around the gym, challenge her to a spell-off. Perhaps it will be the thrill of her life (and yours?)

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