YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 12.26 – 12.31

“Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.”
― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

Weekly Focus: Samadhi (“oneness,” “sameness,” “unification”)

Sam meaning “together” or “completely;” a meaning “toward;” dhe meaning “put.” To collect, to bring together.

Samadhi refers to the “unification of the mind.” This ultimate stage of meditation allows us to look above and beyond ourselves and this life on Earth. Now that we can surrender to the universe, now that we know who we are and on what principles we stand, now that we have formed a greater understanding of the individual stories we all contain, we might see that ultimately, we are all of the same “stuff.” Raised to a higher vibration, this is the ultimate goal — to see outside of the physical plane, to go deeper, and to find union with all. This yolking of Self with Universe, this is yoga.

Align/Flow: Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Stand tall, proud, and grounded in yourself with our pose this week. Stand in acknowledgement of who you are, aware of your accomplishments, your faults, your improvements. Stand in acknowledgement of where you have come from and where you are headed. Ending the year just as we started, allow this pose to be a place of acceptance and awareness for yourself. The beauty of such a simple pose, is that we can take this posture at almost any place and any time. If you need a moment to yourself, a brief break in your day, or a check-in, take a moment to feel your feet rooted to the ground and acknowledge where you are.

Stretch/Restore: Savasana (Corpse Pose)

A pose to close out a cycle, and a pose to be reborn from. Here we have the opportunity to absorb all the efforts of the past year. To reflect and consider — what worked what didn’t? How will we move forward into the new year? The challenge this week is to stay present in your savasana — allow the body to rest, but see if you can keep your awareness active and utilize the sweetness of these moments to meditate on the Self.