Investing with Confidence in a Pandemic

If you waver on whether you can afford a gym membership right now, we get it – there is so much uncertainty in both the present and the future. To give you some peace of mind, we enlisted NapTown’s accountant – Brittney Suttle, CPA – to help us put together some tips for finding confidence in why your NapTown membership is more important and valuable than ever before.

1. First things first, identify your individual (or family) values. Your spending should align with those values. Being consistent with movement and mindfulness through NapTown’s fitness, nutrition, and yoga programs likely means you’re showing up as your best self at home, at work, and for your friends and family. If we can help you live your values at their fullest, we’re doing our job!

2. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – while it might read like an expense on your monthly statement, your membership is actually an investment. Investing your resources (time, energy, money) in your health and wellbeing now will save you money in the long run. While we aren’t licensed medical professionals, we do know that regular movement and a healthy diet result in lower risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and improved mental health. Your lifestyle choices also support a big-picture effort to break generational habits, showing peers and kiddos in your life that prioritizing health is a “new normal” we can all get behind.

3. I hear you, but shouldn’t I be saving as much as I can for the unknown? Sure, it’s important to have funds to fall back on should you need them in the future. However, at what cost is your “fluff fund” coming? This isn’t an either/or situation – you can (and should) save money AND spend it on the things you need to survive the current climate.

We’re currently being encouraged to distance ourselves from one another, which is counterintuitive to every fiber of our human being. If your mental health depends on the accountability and community that come with your NapTown membership, now is not the time to cut back. This is where having clear alignment between your spend and your values is key – and where cutting those unnecessary online clothing purchases or daily coffee runs is a no-brainer if it means you’re more comfortable “affording” your membership.

We’ve had members tell us that they can’t imagine life without NapTown these last few months, and we’ve been lucky to meet so many incredible new members who are ready to commit to their health. Our door is ALWAYS open – if you’re struggling with accountability, finances, or progress in your journey, let’s talk! We’re here to help make it happen.  

Brittney Suttle is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and owns Knies & Co Accounting in Indianapolis, IN. Follow her on Instagram!