Weekly Programming Preview : 8/10-8/16

starting our week off with a bit of tempo strength work to build leg stamina and strength. We will close the day out with a nasty couplet with barbell cycling and quick gymnastics work.

back to the rig today with strict gymnastics strength before diving into a triplet for your workout. Pack your jump rope today and be ready to pace on a tricky mid-length AMRAP with some quick movements.

getting into technique work on the barbell today, working on being smooth from the floor. We will finish the day out with a down and up chipper with a mix of cardio and KB movements.

working on a bit of skill work to start the day with single leg strength work and core activation. You will finish the day out with some intense intervals on the rower, working on consistency and recovery.

starting our Friday off with a chance to build in your power clean before diving into a longer workout. You will start off with a chipper leading into max reps on a heavy bar with whatever time you have left in the AMRAP.

getting after two workouts this weekend! We will have a pair of AMRAPs to get after today. One working on a pair of bodyweight movements while the other pairs the bike with a dumbbell movement.