Weekly Programming Preview : 7/27/20-8/2/20

starting our week off with an alternating EMOM with some skill work for the shoulders, core, and posterior chain. We will be pairing that skill work with an AMRAP involving some running and a movement we have been missing for a while!
starting our day off with some positional work on the Olympic lifts with the opportunity to get heavy if you are moving well. We will finish the day out with an interval workout featuring a jump rope, swings, and a cardio machine.
back to the wall for more skill work today, this time working on isometric holds. We will pair that with a spicy triplet using the barbell, a dumbbell, and a different cardio machine.
back on the barbell today with strength work, getting into squats today. Your workout will feature cardio on the front and back ends with a classic benchmark workout sandwiched in the middle.
starting our Friday off with a bit of accessory work to keep your bodies healthy before diving into a spicy AMRAP to close out the work week.
your weekend workout will be a long chipper with a partner! We will be staying safe and socially distant with our partners while still getting to work together to conquer a lot of work.