Little Red Door Cancer Agency

Have you ever wanted to be in the World Record Books?   Have you ever wanted to try Zumba?

Well why not do both!!!

On Saturday, July 14th, CrossFit NapTown will be participating in the fight against Cancer at the Little Red Door Cancer Agency’s “BIG RED BASH.”  Follow the instructions below to help the cause and be a part of something big.  CrossFit NapTown will have a booth at the event and we want as many members as possible to join CrossFit NapTown’s Zumba Team. The Largest Zumba Class World Record Attempt will be taking place at Noon and we want you to be a part of it.  Follow the instructions below and if you have questions please email Coach Jared:  

Go to…

Scroll over the “Events” tab and then click on “Big Red Bash.” 

Then Click on “Register” and select “CrossFit NapTown” as your team. 

Bring your family and friends to participate and be a part of a WORLD RECORD!

Date:  Saturday, July 14, 2012 Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm Location:  Downtown Indianapolis, Military Park Cost:  FREE to the Public

PARTICIPATE in Health Activities PLAY in our Fun Zone PREVENT Cancer!


Today’s Workout:

Skill: Tabata Hollow Rocks Tabat Handstand Holds (15on/15off) Kipping Technique “Beat Swings” WOD: EMOTM 20:00 (Every Minute on the Minute) Push Ups 6 Pull Ups 6 Post: Banded Good Mornings Beginner 25 Intermediate 50 Advanced 100 ]]>

10 thoughts on “Little Red Door Cancer Agency”

  1. Hollow Rocks (max/min) 17/7
    Hand stand holds -(on/off) 20s/10s
    WoD – RX’ed plus 20# vest

  2. Ugh! What a workout to finally commit to using the blue band vs the green! Proud of my effort and I joined the “rip your hand up” club as a result. Ouch!
    Blue band until injury then last 4 rounds with ring rows. Good bye green band!

  3. Ditto the hand rip! Gross! Purchasing gloves over lunch today for sure.
    Blue band at 6 & 6 until rip, took minute off to tape, then dropped to 5 & 5.
    Otherwise – super fun today being upside down!

  4. 1st day back from vacation (sorry 6 am not in the cards today…see you all on Thursday).
    Hollow Rocks (max/min) 10/8
    WoD – red band/ripped (last round)/push-ups are now officially on my suck list.
    Way to go Margie on dropping to the blue band!

  5. i didn’t know i was supposed to be counting my hollow rocks – that, and i probably would have lost count while writhing in pain during my 10 seconds of rest.
    HS holds – 15 seconds, against wall
    WOD, as prescribed.

  6. Shout out to Jamie! He was an awesome team captain tonight. Very inspirational and made me want to keep moving. Tonight was a tough one for me though. Really looking forward to getting stronger.

  7. Crossfit Kailua
    Skill: Max Jerk
    Worked up to 95# – due to sore shoulders
    100 Box Jumps (40 on 20″ / 60 on 16″)
    100 Sit Ups
    100 Push Press (45#)
    100 Double Unders (subbed 250 single jumps)
    Time: 20:48
    – nothing like a beach breeze blowing through a box to make a workout more tolerable.