The open is over! Team finishes 6th in Region

Team 6th in Region=93rd in the world! Individuals in the top 100 in the region: Women: Anna R-13th Jennifer B-65 Elyse M-66 Men: Jared C (Moises)-25 Peter B-35 Jared B-39 Jason V-45  

Today’s Workout

Strength- Over Head Squat 3-3-3 WOD: 5 rounds (4 min cap on each round) 5 Dead lifts  315/250 or 79% 1rm 6 bar facing burpees 7 toes to bar rest 2 minutes Post-50 Ab Wheels (if time permits)]]>

17 thoughts on “The open is over! Team finishes 6th in Region”

  1. On a separate note:
    For those attending, who is bringing what to the celebration on the 31st? I don’t have anything planned yet and was going to modify it based on what else is being prepared.

      1. I sent an email to Peter, but I didn’t say I was bringing something… so now I’ll say it: I’m bringing something! It’s going to be some sort of fruity dessert. I’m not on the paleo bandwagon, so it’s probably not going to please a lot of you people… which I guess is OK, because it just means more dessert for ME! Just kidding… I’ll see if I can try to not make it too unhealthy.
        Peter, so glad you’re bringing the party. Just make sure you’re bringing the music too… you know how Jared is with the music selection. Not sure what we were listening to when we started overhead squatting today because the volume was a little low, but it honestly might’ve been Yanni.

        1. “Foster the People” sounds like Yanni now… Interesting!!!
          Maybe my music selection is just too advanced for all of CFNT!!! 🙂

  2. I’m bringing…oh wait I can’t come. Total bummer for you guys. It would have been more fun with me there. HA! No really, totally bummed.

  3. worked up to 135 # on the OHS, but did not have a failure set (ran out of time)
    255# DL, 13:05

  4. got up to #93 on OHS (PR), but my shoulder hurt so i didn’t push it any further.
    WOD: 13:19 with #115 DL

  5. Some days, you do the overhead squat. And some days, you tip over backwards. Disappointed with my performance today, but not discouraged.
    OHS – Technique with bar
    DL – 145lb
    Knees up as high as possible
    Time: 15:32

  6. OHS – 125lbs 3 reps, 130lbs 2 reps (weight didn’t feel crazy heavy, just need to work on keeping my left shoulder/arm back)
    WOD – 12:38 with 205lb DL