Weekly Programming Preview : 10/25-10/31

starting our week off with a strength piece, building as heavy as we can with a single thruster. We will move from this into a triplet with running, light thrusters, and pull up work.

spending our Tuesday working on strength and speed with a bench press variation before diving into an intense interval piece. Your workout today will be fast intervals pairing a weighted movement with bodyweight work with rest sprinkled in to keep your intensity up.

starting today off with single leg strength work and double under practice. We will finish today out with a series of middle-length AMRAPs with a barbell, core work, and jumping! The weight on the barbell will be going up with each AMRAP.

starting Thursday off with accessory work with bands to get our shoulders fired up and healthy! Your workout today will be a rotating TABATA series working with a dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

taking on a long chipper to close out the week with gymnastics work, cardio, and barbell cycling. Be ready for higher reps and a longer grind today.

heading into the weekend with a spooky themed workout featuring a pumpkin! We will be running, squatting, and pressing so bring a pumpkin that is appropriate for all of these fun activities! If you do not have a pumpkin to bring, we will be working with a wall ball.