Weekly Programming Preview : 11/2-11/8

starting our week off with the Fall Full Body Challenge baseline test. This will be an interval workout with max reps for four different movements and rest between rounds. We will finish the day out with a bit of accessory work to close the day out.

getting into split jerk technique as your first piece today. We will build over the course of the sets as heavy as technique allows. Your workout will be a quick couplet on the bar with a light to moderate weight!

starting your day out with accessory work to practice a skill we will be using later in the week. You will close the day out with an interval piece full of jump roping, kettlebell work, and gymnastics with rest to help keep your intensity high.

working through a longer chipper today combining the rower with a variety of bodyweight movements. Be ready for a long, grindy one today!

getting the day going with more olympic lifting work to start the day out before a medium length triplet. That workout will be a combination of gymnastics, dumbbell work, and cardio.

we will be participating in the Type 1 Take Down this weekend and participating in the event workout! This workout will be a combination of the kettlebell swings, burpees, and bar muscle ups.