Farewell from Coach Hudson

Hey team! 

Some bittersweet news to share – I have resigned from NapTown effective end of day Friday, November 6th to start my own business. I will continue to work towards a similar mission of Myriad CrossFit, by helping improve the health of individuals, and I hope to continue changing people’s lives through nutrition coaching and personal training. 

The decision was very difficult; I’ve been consumed in this gym and it’s community since relocating to Indiana in 2013, however I feel that this is the best path forward for me to continue to grow both personally and professionally.

This will be the end of my time as an employee of NapTown, but it’s definitely not the end of taking classes or being part of such an amazing community. Should you want to get in touch, my personal email is hwikoff4@gmail.com.

See you soon!

Coach Hudson