Weekly Programming Preview : 11/9-11/14

getting our week going with a. bit of barbell strength work. We will be working from the racks today on a shoulder to overhead movement to mix things up from what we have been doing. We will close the day out with a couplet that is a retest of the first workout from the 2019 Open.

starting your Tuesday out with skill work focused on the midline, grip, and mental fortitude with lots of isometric holds. Your workout today will be a longer piece involving the bike and some gymnastics work thrown in throughout.

back on the barbell mid week, this time with pulling strength work. Your workout today will be a classic benchmark with a twist every minute on the minute for an added challenge.

getting into more accessory work to start our Thursday, working with strict core work and single leg work to balance us out. We will close the day out with shorter interval work with a triplet of lunging, twists, and jump roping.

closing the week off with a NapTown benchmark in honor of our Monon space as we are in our final week at that space. This work features a pair of heavier barbell movements and a pair of gymnastics movements at higher reps.

spending our Saturday with steady state cardio. Your workout will feature pretty quick movements that you will cycle through as much as you can for a longer AMRAP.