Weekly Programming Preview : 11/16-11/21

getting our week started with a bit of unilateral accessory work, focusing on smaller muscle groups and balancing out our sides. We will finish the day out with a spicy interval piece featuring thrusters and the jump rope.

after a quicker sprint workout to get the week going, we will be spending our Tuesday with a longer workout. This piece will pair a bit of cardio with a fun burpee variation for a tough combination.

working with a barbell to begin our hump day. We will be spending time working on positions and power in your olympic lifting before taking on a fast piece for your workout. The workout today will be a series of TABATA intervals for three different movements with rest in between efforts.

more unilateral work to start your Thursday, this time focusing on the posterior chain. This will build into your workout that will feature a triplet of pulling and pushing and more pulling. Be ready for a great combination of strength, gymnastics, and cardio today!

closing the work week out with a bit of squat strength, working a pause into our lives today! We will finish the week off with a few running intervals with a bit of warmer weather coming our way.

getting the weekend started with intervals on the rower to get warm and prepped for the day. Our main piece will be a partner workout featuring a pair of barbell movements with an “I-go-you-go” fashion.