Weekly Programming Preview : 10/5-10/11

starting our week off with an old strength movement friend at the racks for the first time in a while! The focus will be on speed today as you ease back into this movement. Your workout will be a quick couplet on the rower paired with a quick bodyweight movement.

back on the barbell today with another strength test, this time trying to push our strength limits. Your workout today will be a bit of interval work with a mix of bodyweight work and light barbell cycling.

getting the day going with strict gymnastics work in an EMOM format. Your workout will be a longer AMRAP full of bodyweight work and a jump rope.

today will begin with a bit of accessory work for your grip, midline, and posterior chain. We will finish the day out with a quick triplet of cardio, carries, and air squats.

we will start today off with a bit of skill work on an empty bar before diving into our workout. Today will be a hero workout featuring a barbell, box, and the pull up bar. We will finish the day out with a nice and easy cool down run.

taking on a partner workout today that will be featured in this year’s Strength in our Streets competition!