Mapping Out Your Fitness Week

The 21×3 Challenge starts this week, and we know that investing more time and energy into your gym routine can be intimidating. How can you achieve your specific fitness goals, increase frequency at the gym or studio, AND remain injury free?! You CAN do all three – the goal of this post is to give you clarity and confidence by using all that NapTown has to offer to reach your goals!

The first question we need to answer is this: what are you hoping to achieve? Most of members have goals that fall into one of the following three categories:   

  • improve endurance    
  • improve strength   
  • improve balance & mental health

Depending on your answer, you’ll want to take a slightly different approach to using your NapTown membership the most effectively. If Coach Anna were working on one of these specific goals, here’s what a week of class attendance might look like:

Example Goal 1 – Improve Endurance

  • Monday – attend SWIFT or strength & fitness
  • Tuesday – attend SWIFT and Yoga
  • Wednesday – rest day
  • Thursday – attend strength & fitness
  • Friday – attend SWIFT or strength & fitness
  • Saturday – rest day
  • Sunday – attend MOVE

Example Goal 2 – Improve Strength

  • Monday – attend strength & fitness
  • Tuesday – attend strength & fitness
  • Wednesday – attend yoga
  • Thursday – rest day
  • Friday – attend strength & fitness and open gym
  • Saturday – attend strength & fitness
  • Sunday – rest day

Example Goal 3 – Improve Balance & Mental Health

  • Monday – attend yoga
  • Tuesday – attend yoga
  • Wednesday – attend SWIFT
  • Thursday – rest day
  • Friday – attend yoga
  • Saturday – attend yoga or rest day
  • Sunday – attend MOVE

While each of these sample weeks has a very different focus, you will notice some commonalities in each plan:

  • The presence of a full rest day. No matter what your goal is, you will get there quicker if you give your body and mind time to rest, recover, and shift your focus away from fitness for a day.
  • At LEAST least one yoga class. Taking rest days is incredibly important and should be a part of our regular routine, but a more active recovery/mobility focused day of yoga is a big way to keep making progress while preventing injury.
  • At LEAST one SWIFT or Strength & Fitness class. These programs incorporate movements that teach us how to mindfully use our bodies while navigating external objects in a safe manner. This is a tremendously important skill- whether you’re a fitness junkie or yogi, we ALL need to be able to remove a casserole from the oven, carry our laundry baskets upstairs, and put our luggage into the overhead bin in a safe manner. 

The above examples are a great place to get started, but we are ALWAYS happy to help build a custom plan for you based on your goals and schedule. If you want to learn more or have questions, please reach out to to set up a one-on-one meeting.