Weekly Programming Preview : 9/28-10/4

starting our week off with an interval piece that will test your strength and endurance all at once. We will finish the day off with a pair of 6:00 AMRAPs full of lifting and explosive work.

starting out the day with an alternating EMOM full of gymnastics skill and shape work. Your workout will pair a bit of DB work with running for a mid-length couplet.

getting our day going with more skill work, practicing single leg strength, shoulder stability and mobility, and jump rope practice. You will finish the day off with a challenging sprint workout pairing the bike with quick bodyweight work.

working with the barbell again today with a bit of barbell cycling work before taking on a triplet with some wall ball work, short run, and light barbell work.

taking on a long chipper today full of KB work, gymnastics movements, and squat variations.

taking on a bit of accessory work to start your weekend full of midline and posterior chain work. We will finish the day off with core work and lateral jumping sandwiched between some rowing pieces!