Weekly Programming Preview : 9/21-9/27

starting our week off with a long AMRAP full of gymnastics, DB work, and cardio. Come join us for a great sweat to start your week!

getting the day going with a bit of barbell cycling work with the challenge to go heavy while still hanging onto the bar. We will close the day out with quick sprint intervals with the barbell and some DBs.

we will start out our day with accessory work for the midline and posterior chain before getting into an endurance test. Your test today will be a time trial on the rower that was recently featured in the remote portion of the games.

another long workout coming your way today with a mix of running, weightlifting, and body weight work. Be ready to come in and grind with us today!

getting our Friday going with more accessory and skill work today. We will close out the day with a medium length AMRAP of body weight work.

getting our weekend kicked off with a partner workout featuring endurance work paired with med ball fun!