21×3 Challenge – Starts 10/1!

Hey, NapTown! We get it. 2020 has handed it to us.
While you may just want to call this year a loss and try again in January, we’re not going to let you give up that easily. Our job is to support you and hold you accountable when it comes to your health & fitness goals – so, we’re bringing you the NapTown 21×3 Challenge.
What classes count toward the challenge, and how are they being tracked?
Strength & Fitness, SWIFT, Yoga classes (both in-person and virtual), personal training, and open gym count toward the challenge. Members are encouraged to double-up and take advantage of efficient fitness to meet their 21 class per month goal (ie, take the 5:30am SWIFT Class and walk right over to 6:30am Yoga). 

If you are sticker-chart motivated, we’ve got you covered! Once you sign up, pick up a tracking card and stickers from the front desk at 922 OR connect with Kimberly to make other arrangements (snail mail, pickup at another location, etc). 
Why should I buy in to this? Are there prizes?
Aside from finishing the year feeling 100%, we think you’ll like the perks of participating in the 21×3 challenge. 

ALL Myriad CrossFit and Practice Indie members who complete the challenge willautomatically receive $21 off of your January 2021 membership, AND you’ll be entered in a raffle to win one of our Grand Prizes. One lucky winner will even receive 3 MONTHS of a Myriad CrossFit or Practice Indie membership absolutely FREE (up to $570 value!).

We’ll have monthly incentives along the way as well, with prize drawings each month for those that complete their 21 classes. If you don’t quite make it one month, KEEP GOING – you could still win prizes the next month! 
What does it cost to participate?
If you already have an Unlimited Fitness or Yoga membership, there is no additional cost to sign up.

If you need to upgrade your membership to allow for 21 classes per month, we’ll lock you in to an Unlimited membership for October, November, and December – so the cost of the challenge is the cost of an Unlimited membership minus the cost of your current membership, x 3. A member of our sales team will reach out after you sign up for the challenge to work through this with you.
SOLD. How (and when) can I sign up?
Members can register for the challenge on Pike13 by finding the event on the schedule on October 1st. Please note that October 15th is the last day you can register!
Can we help you get clear on your 2020 goals?
We’re offering a FREE All-Member Goal Setting session virtually on Sunday, 10/4 to help you get refocused, crush Q4, and exceed whatever expectations you have for the rest of this year. This members-only perk is available to ALL Myriad CrossFit, NapTown Nutrition, and Practice Indie members. Sign up HERE!