Weekly Programming Preview : 9/14-9/20

starting our week off on the barbell with push press strength work. We will move from there into an interval piece with a short AMRAP followed by a quick rest for a few rounds.

getting the day going with a bit of core work and time upside down before taking on your workout. This will be a chipper type piece bookended with the bike. The meat of the workout will be different variations of the same gymnastics movement!

we will start out our day with pulling and single leg strength work. We will close the day out with sprint intervals of bodyweight movements to push your intensity today.

more barbell work today for some olympic lifting strength and technique today. Our workout will be a triplet pairing cardio movements with a bit of weightlifting.

getting our Friday going with skill work. We will close the day out with a couplet involving the jump rope and lunges!

getting our weekend started with a good bit of core work before taking on a longer workout with running before and after a little date with a plate series!