Weekly Programming Preview : 9/7-9/13

spending out Labor Day with a partner workout with an I-go-you-go style workout to keep your intensity high!

starting our short work week off with a bit of skill work with strict pressing, pulling, and core work. We will close the day out with a triplet combining the rower with two gymnastics movements.

getting our day started with accessory work for the posterior chain and some single side work before closing the day out with a workout. You will be chipping away at a large number of a single movement today with a quick bit of gymnastics every minute!

on the barbell today for Olympic lifting work before diving into some intervals with running and core work. Our goal is to work on technique in the first portion of the day and then push the intensity later on!

staying with the barbell today with work on the overhead squat for your strength piece. Your workout will be a triplet with rowing, lifting, and gymnastics.

getting our weekend started with a bit of strength stamina work that will challenge your mental toughness! You will close the day out with a couplet of biking and jumping rope.