Weekly Programming Preview : 8/31-9/6

starting our week off with a bit of gymnastics skills and isometric hold work. We will close the day out with a fast and serious triplet using the bike, some bodyweight work, and light barbell cycling.

getting into a long workout today with cardio at the start and finish with high rep bodyweight work in the middle. Be ready to grind with this one today!

getting into core work and unilateral stability to start the day today. We will close the day out with a quicker couplet pairing the rower with a bit of KB work.

back to the barbell today with a bit of Olympic Lifting technique work. We will continue our Olympic lifting work into the workout today, pairing a moderately heavy barbell with some burpees for a spicy couplet!

more barbell work to close out the work week with barbell cycling overhead. We will close the day out with a triplet using the jump rope, core work, and the bike.

closing our week off with a chipper pairing weighted runs with a series of DB movements for a fun weekend burner!