Weekly Programming Preview : 8/24-8/30

starting our week off with barbell positioning work to improve our olympic weightlifting. We will close the day off with a couplet in the form of a descending ladder with a dumbbell and the bike!

more strength work to start your day, this time getting into some squatting. We will close the day out with some interval work where you will perform a set amount of work every 4:00 and earn your rest for the next interval by getting done as quick as you can. This workout will consist of more barbell work and some gymnastics skills.

getting into more gymnastics work with our accessory piece today, focusing on strict strength and core and posterior chain engagement. Your workout will be a spicy AMRAP with an ascending ladder of single leg work and a quick bodyweight movement.

more core and bodyweight strength work to start our Thursday off. You will close the day out with a longer workout with a good bit of cardio before and after a couplet featuring a kettlebell and jump rope.

getting our Friday started with unilateral work for your midline and shoulders. Your workout today will be more interval work with a lot of cardio to really push your capacity.

closing our week off with a longer workout consisting of three rounds of a triplet with rest between each round. Be ready to squat, bike, and snatch today! This will be a good test of pacing and mental toughness.