Weekly Programming Preview : 8/17-8/23

starting our week off with a bit of skill work paired with some quick cardio to help you practice both movements under some fatigue. We will close the day out with some fast sprint intervals with long rest in between to keep your intensity up.

continuing to work on our olympic lifting technique today, this time focusing on the clean and jerk with a pause in both movements to help us check positions. We will finish up the day with a couplet with jump roping and core work.

on the barbell again today working on pulling strength. You will be building in weight at the same time as you are working down in reps. Your workout today will pair some bodyweight work with a cardio machine with running thrown in every 3:00.

starting your day out with skill work by getting upside down, swinging on the bar, and working with a bell on shoulder stability and mobility. Your workout will be simple and spicy with the rower and lunges.

working through a long one today with a partner. You will work with someone in a square near you to remain spread out form one another but still able to communicate where you are at in the workout.

closing our week of fitness out with a series of two rounds pieces. Each piece will include a run paired with another movement with the run getting longer from one piece to the next while the other movement remains fairly quick!